ORNAMENTA: Novelty 2024

Successful series with a new season

Spaces also need an arc of tension, the right balance of dynamism and focus, familiarity and illusion, deceleration and calm. If the scenery is too predictable, it appears boring and dull. PATTERN from Agrob Buchtal provides exactly this little kick - the dramaturgy that makes interiors interesting. The latest star of the series: ORNAMENTA

As a consistently successful series highlight, PATTERN has been continuously delivering new pattern and mosaic tiles since 2017, enriching open-plan room concepts in particular and creating eye-catching yet timeless designs. Based on the modular principle, the motifs in the PATTERN collection can be playfully combined both indoors and outdoors, blending perfectly into any interior style and giving hotel bathrooms and public areas an unmistakable look.

Newcomer 2024: ORNAMENTA
The new ORNAMENTA decor is characterised by the combination of small filigree and large, partially cut ornaments. With the current design, PATTERN once again creates new, unseen images - especially in the blue tone-on-tone version, ORNAMENTA is a successful add-on in combination with the clear industrial look of the 2024 series innovation FACTORY as well as the simple, handcrafted cement stone look of the new TRIO collection.

Unique, not conventional - picture for picture an eye-catcher
Ornamental tiles have a long tradition in the design of wall and floor surfaces. They can be found in many countries and in a wide variety of public and private spaces - from market halls to modern flats in the city. The design language of the successful PATTERN series evokes associations with Moorish-Arabic, Spanish-Portuguese or Moroccan origins through to heraldic motifs from the Middle Ages.

The variety of colours and formats of the high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles always provides the right stage for the almost endless motifs with squares in 15 x 15 or 20 x 20 cm for walls and floors, plus mosaic tiles in 2.5 x 2.5 cm, 5 x 5 and 10 x 10 cm.

The 10 colours, 5 formats and 8 patterns and individual decors in the series add the wow effect that defines individuality and creates identity. With PATTERN, it really is a bit like a film: in the rushing crowd, the main characters usually wear the coloured coat.

In this sense: To be continued …

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Consciously setting accents, timeless and versatile: ORNAMENTA from the Pattern series lends the bathroom a playful lightness.

With the current ORNAMENTA design, PATTERN once again creates new, unseen images.

Decorative tiles from Pattern - here it is VOLA - show how pattern mix also works in the kitchen.
© Jochen Stüber

ORNAMENTA, like all decor variants of the PATTERN series, can also be laid together to form enlarged motifs - right up to a ceramic "carpet". Shown here on one of the first decors: Melby (2017)

The Ornamenta decorative tiles of the Pattern series combine classic and simple, modern shapes into a mix.

ORNAMENTA convinces both in the blue tone-in-tone and in the multicolored version.

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