Tile Awards

Clever ideas by young minds

What happens when we break away from habitual views and patterns of thinking? That is what we are interested in. This is why every two years, together with AIT, we initiate the international Tile Award competition for young architects and interior designers under 38 years of age. We are looking for the undisguised view of young creative people on the material ceramic.

We invite the participants with the 10 best designs to a four-day workshop trip. There, the designs will be further developed: 2011 in Marrakech in the Orient, 2013 in the tropics of Kerala, 2015 on the Amalfi Coast near Sorrento and 2017 in Iceland.

Each time the concepts submitted present the jury with difficult decisions. One thing is certain, however: all ideas inspire with their unconventional and fresh approach to form, colour and structure of ceramics. The designs of the three winners will be built 1:1 as mock-ups and documented in a professional photo shoot.