Participant category Learning: Daniel T. O’Dowd


I n the same place but not in the same room – an episode of a space in nature being transformed by fog inspired Daniel T. O’Dowd from Edinburgh to create his mobile Open Space Project Centre. The ceramic innovatively detaches itself from its framework of solidity and transforms to support the idea of transience.

“Fog comes and goes – it envelopes, transforms and evaporates: it is simulated by an Open Space Building as a transportable room. Mobile thanks to its lightweight design, it offers a transformed place evolving out of practically nothing for reflection and mediation on literature, art or other sciences. The actual room was created by the ceramics – floor tiles from the Valley series in pebble grey – mounted on a ball and rod system bearing the front and back walls. Conveying a flimsy effect, the room therefore envelopes a peaceful place of contemplation in solitude while simultaneously highlighting its transience. Appearing and disappearing – like the fog which transforms a place; transformation of the room into a temporary place. Can be equally presented on the grounds of a gallery or university or as part of an exhibition.”

Daniel T. O’Dowd


Daniel T. O'Dowd, Edinburgh, Scotland,