special award category 2: Sebastian Brunke

Ceramic Curtain

As an employee and Project Manager at Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (DMAA), Sebastian Brunke was responsible for the Winter Festival Hall in Erl, for example, and visitors to his spa design are immersed in light, space and time. Evolving in a fascinating room of calm water and artful illumination. Controlled by the wall curtain made of ceramic whose light can be adjusted and reflections in the water manipulated as required. The jury rewarded this design with a special prize.

“A brightness regulator, a room divider, a mood transformer or an independent ceramic sculpture – the ceramic curtain stretching from wall to wall is each of these things at the same time. Against the restrained background of a spa whose simple geometric appearance contrasts with its restrained colours. When the water is calm, the exact geometry of the curtain is reflected on its surface. Once movement is introduced, the curtain expresses the folds of a simulated textile curtain in its capacity as a light sculpture. All of this is made possible by manually-adjustable curtain elements achieved using façade elements from the KeraTwin® series. Arranged in the same size along the wall, the panels create a three-dimensional ceramic curtain. The fact that the individual elements can each be rotated 6 degrees enables the various lighting situations. Large tiles from the Chroma II series in the pool and on the other two walls also imitate the water reflections forming the background for this unusual light ceramic.”

Sebastian Brunke


Sebastian Brunke, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Vienna, Austria, www.dmaa.at

An intensive atmosphere, an almost poetic image of high scenic quality.

With façade elements deployed in an unconventional manner, Sebastian Brunke presents the idea of a modern façade in an interior space which appears familiar to the observer with some windows open, others closed. A white figure emerges in a room with a black water surface featuring only light ripples. The room is dominated by the back wall however which hovers like a silhouette. No conventional wellness atmosphere evolves but rather a room which focusses the senses entirely on the incidental light. Like refracted moonlight, the light is reflected on the surface of the water. A room with a sacred effect which, although it appears cool at first glance, exerts a strong power of attraction.

– The Tile Award jury