Special mention: Joa Herrenknecht

Display Studio

Standard in laboratories – innovative as a shelving element in shops: Joa Herrenknecht uses genuine technical tiles in a completely new way in Display, extending their normal uses – and creating an interior architectural perspective or collage effect in the space.

“The central idea is to use parts of a tile collection designed for laboratories in the interior architectural design of a retail or concept store – on walls, counters, mirror frames, free-standing store elements, like tables, and even to clad recesses. This gives greater emphasis to the beauty and quality of the tiles, contributing to the collagen character of the store with its different ‘layers’. The basic element of the design is a white 3D standard tile: linear and with a raised edge – which is enhanced by other types of tile from the collection. Apart from their unusual use, the subtle colour shades of the tile collection are given a new direction – inspired by the colours and material islands.”

Joa Herrenknecht


Joa Herrenknecht, Berlin, Germany