Participant category Wellness/Spa: Anna Akulinskaya

Galaxy baths

Illusionary space, spiritual well-being and intimateness: the spa design by Anna Akulinskaya and Vlad Kozlovskiy from Moscow transports the idea of suprematism into the room and its various prevailing experience options.

“Alexander Sigutina's Byzantine suprematism was the force behind a spa world designed for both well-being and physiotherapy as well as integrating the desire for experience by younger target groups. The philosophical perception of space and the mystical redesign vision of the ornamentation enter an extravagant yet consistent liaison here where well-being and entertainment are expressed as various conditions and functions of the same space. These conditions and functions are marked by the choice of colors: black dematerialises the room. White gives it reflections. Azure and turquoise stabilise psychological well-being. Other options in the spa form the illumination, with or without steam or colored steam. While the ceiling offers the possibility for interactive projections. The design was realised using ceramic tiles from the Chroma series.”

Anna Akulinskaya


Anna Akulinskaya, Moscow, Russia,