Participant category 3: Cindy Wouters

Inside out

“INside OUT” breaks with the typical rules associated with tiles and joins. The architect Cindy Wouters – whose creative bandwidth ranges from interior design and integrated urban development to structures with matching accessories – designs a place to retreat to for dreamy contemplation and pensive daydreams.

“Are the rules governing design with tiles imperturbably fixed? No: INside OUT is proof that other ideas are also possible. In the design of a small, peaceful pavilion, for example, in a healthcare relaxation zone for a large medical facility. For thinking, dreaming, escaping reality. Rigid structures are dissolved. There is no grid or system, no two-dimensional surfaces. Instead, a special atmosphere prevails. Created using ceramic – and a presentation of its fragility and flexibility. How is this possible? By reversing the typical structure of tiles framed by joins. And presenting this tile shape – the largest in the Patina series – as a section on one of the walls. In such a way that the wall is the result and the tile is practically redundant: OUTside – that’s what this wall is now called. But the tile can be found again on the other two walls: playful in a random pattern, applied to glass and fixed there. A surreal image for which the tile looks like it’s been whirled upwards while frozen in space by gravity. Giving rise to an interim space as a place for contemplation – right in the middle of INside OUT.”

Cindy Wouters


Cindy Wouters, Concrete,  Amsterdam, Netherlands,