Winner category 1 hotel / gastronomy: Filiz Uysaler


In the form of “IrritierBAR”, the architect and product designer Filiz Uysaler plays with optical irritations. The strong emotion of the visitor to the bar on entering gradually dissolves once the function of the room is recognised.

“Visitors to my bar are initially irritated: Where is the bar? At first, they only perceive the play by the landscape comprising tiles and joins. And only at second glance do visitors recognise the “bar” furnishings within the entire ensemble, bang smack in the room which is tiled throughout as if it were a “crystal” display. This overall effect is underlined by the seating and ledges projected onto the wall and ceiling as well as the lighting systems over the bar. Even the basic lighting is integrated into the irritative game: as slits of light achieved by tiles turned inwards. Various dimensions, materials and patterns design another level of irritation. Evolving in a new tile module: the Emotion bronze tile in 30 x 30 and 60 x 60 format was divided into four in accordance with certain proportions, joined anew in anthracite grey, turned as a module and assigned to a certain position, thereby giving rise to dynamic patterns. The change in materials was achieved on large tile sections on the floor and wall as well as in the corners as connecting links, whereby the colour schemes followed those of the respective tiles – from hard to soft, glossy and matt intimating playful convergence. Visitors to this bar interior experience a fascinating flirt with shapes and designs.”

Filiz Uysaler


Filiz Uysaler, Dipl. Ing. (FH Architecture), Dipl. Designerin (Product Design) filiz. Architektur. Innenarchitektur. Produktdesign. / 7Malsch-Völkersbach / Germany

An ingeniously three-dimensional effect.


Tile module 60 x 60 / 30 x 30 in four segments, side ratio 1/3 to 2/3