Participant category Learning: Elizabeth Kiely


Ceramic as a room creation: Kaleidoskop by Elizabeth Kiely from Ireland creates a lively and stimulating environment for places where children and their adult carers spend the day together, whereby the concept enables each individual to pursue different tasks depending on their respective moods and needs.

“Ceramics as structures dividing a room into three color areas – 'Kaleidoskop' presents a draft for spaces in which children play together, spend time and relax. The particular arrangement of the separating walls permits constant supervision and creates exciting spaces for playful fun. In the 'Play' area, individual rotating tiles form a large Memory game across the entire wall. Tiled areas in pink and blue are reserved for the interactive 'Play' area while green and yellow delineate the area for storytelling and interaction. The quiet area radiates gently in yellow and orange. By using ceramic, this design is possible both indoors and in outdoor areas.”

Elizabeth Kiely


Elizabeth Kiely, Cork, Ireland