Special mention: Malwina Borowiec, Karolina Chodur, Poland


A world of tiles for children and by children: Kawalki by Malwina Borowiec relates to the stimulation of the senses, imagination and independent combination of many worlds and decorations – and, at one and the same time, pays homage to the mosaic fashion witnessed in Polish architecture during the last century.

“The sense of touch has shown itself to be a primary source of experiences for children when discovering their environment or establishing emotional bonds to each other. Thanks to the different tile finishes, Kawalki motivates children to interact with the tiles, discover and analyse their environment, and stimulate their senses. The children themselves act as the designers: based on the fundamental forms of circle, rectangle, square and their subtraction, there are six shapes and five different tile surfaces available to be combined. The children draw the tile design based on these shapes and possibilities. Replaced by real tiles and bonded to the wall, the children’s own design becomes an artistic reality in ceramic – whether in the classroom, corridors, outdoors or at home.”

Malwina Borowiec, Karolina Chodur


Malwina Borowiec