Winner category Learning: Marieke Kums

Learning Landscape

Everything flows – learning how nature plays: the landscape created by the architect Marieke Kums, founder of STUDIO MAKS in Rotterdam, makes it possible for children to tangibly experience the constant changes in natural processes.

“Learning means reacting to change – but many children's playgrounds offer too little incentive to do just this. 'Learning by Nature' replicates a tide landscape – inspired by her studies of natural changes during ebb and flow, thereby offering an experience with land, water and plants where stimulation, challenges and play are merged. Ceramics create a landscape of hills and valleys, lakes and gardens which change constantly over the course of the year. Featuring tiles from the Valley and Unique series, as well as various products from the ChromaPlural system and Jasba mosaics. During periods of dry weather, the space is empty unless it's raining or irrigation is provided by a fountain – for refreshment during hot summers. Bubbling water, plant growth and habitation by insects and small animals offer children a wonderful possibility for directly experiencing natural processes as constant changes in the elements. Can be established in a private school grounds or in the middle of a town – as a new concept of public space.”

Marieke Kums


Marieke Kums, Rotterdam, The Netherlands,

A softly undulating water landscape which washes around the green islands.

This interplay between colors and shapes was continued under the surface of the water. It subtly supports the
texture and landscape design in its gentle motions while setting fresh and colorful highlights. The scenario in
which the draft is presented is also carefully selected and expertly illustrated – including the offer of possible

– The Tile Award jury


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