Winner category Living Mariana Sarbova


Creating transitions – tiles as transition elements: the Pat(t)io housing concept designed by architect Mariana Sarbova from MOTTO architectural studio in Bulgaria finds a ceramic solution for reintegrating neglected living areas. And creates new living space in the process.

“The aim of the housing draft with its architectural system is to transform living areas into better living spaces. The goal therefore is to reintegrate areas such as balconies, terraces, porticos or patios which are often neglected. Using a concept which creates a fluid transition between rooms, interior and exterior spaces, the living room or kitchen and outdoor areas. Which can be used as both a private idea for home improvement or as a comprehensive vision for an entire construction project. Sources of inspiration included the Andalusian tradition of the patio as well as the Bulgarian custom of decorating balconies with plants. The main aspect of Pat(t)io is the combination of flat tiles and 3-D tiles which are suitable as containers for plants. Accordingly, the system comprises various ceramic hexagonal elements. The composition varies depending on the density and size of its ‘green highlights’. But always acts as a link between the interior and exterior.”

Mariana Sarbova


Mariana Sarbova, Burgas, Bulgaria,

An entirely specific solution has been found to a specific problem in a single building.

– The Tile Award jury