Winner: Andreas Crynen, Ingenhoven Architects, Deutschland

Re:tile pop show

Creative games in a 3D look: the ceramic arrangements by the architect Andreas Crynen from Düsseldorf open up horizons for multi-dimensional design. In his sports shop, action and energy are combined into an atmospheric form – allowing dynamics to be experienced directly.

“The principle is simple and demonstrates the tile’s ability to exist in a highly modern context: skilful combination of 2D tiles creates 3D effects that turn homogeneous surfaces into dynamic walls and simple tiles into striking areas or brilliant silhouettes. Any styles are possible – for interiors replete with dynamics, elegance or contrasts. The design is based on pentagonal tiles in various thicknesses, colors, shades and matt gloss effects, and whose arrangement leaves space for the M-shaped tiles between them. This opens up diverse, almost limitless design options for walls, surfaces and floors: pictorial elements such as the football and basketball players in the sports shop created – as well as 3D, haptic or relief effects.”

Andreas Crynen


Andreas Crynen, Ingenhofen Architects, Düsseldorf, Germany

Re:Tile impresses with its simplicity.

The composition of a few different tiles offers a vast array of design options. [...] Through [...] the ambience created by the light and the beautiful interplay between matt and gloss effects, the wall and its subtle relief come even more to life. [...] The use of tiles thus provides significant added value compared to a purely graphic design.

– The Tile Award jury