Special mention: Agata Kycia


Ornamental complexity, meditative ambience – the traditional blue and white ceramics feature a contemporary layout in this design by Agata Kycia. The delicacy of the handmade ceramics is retained and enhanced with a digital dimension.

“Thanks to advanced digital design methods, Stardust manages to create a unique ambience in relaxation rooms, spas or caldaria, thanks to the interplay of indirect light and colourful dotted patterns. This continuous topography in the space causes the boundaries of the walls and floor to merge with each other – generating a new and meditative aesthetic – underpinned by seating and loungers formed by tile modules. Two patterns on triangular tiles and multiple colour versions – including an inverted version – are available for the designer to use. Infinite configurations can be arranged from dark blue to tea green: the patterns meandering from regular to symmetrical to dynamic, between difference and repeat.”

Agata Kycia


Agata Kycia, Berlin, Germany