Participant category 2: Madleena Larivaara


“When a forest is beautiful – it’s because a creature finds refuge there” – this is the maxim for SYLI, the design by Copenhagen-based Finnish architect Madleena Larivaara, who recently collaborated with Erik Juul Architects and Tue Trærup Madsen. She transposed this idea of beauty into the peaceful atmosphere of the SYLI healthcare room. SYLI is Finnish for the crook of the arm in which a newborn baby lies at its mother’s breast.

“Everything is calm, perceptions become clearer and you enter your very own spiritual world: anything is possible in the woods. In your own special place, right there among the trees where you become part of the whole – part of the entire forest. This habitat has an original conviction: thanks to the proportions of its scales – of inhabited space and the human body. Seen from your own personal perspective, the view endows you with a feeling of control. For example, when you become a mother – and cradle your newborn baby in your arm. This idea of a protective forest atmosphere is realised by the SYLI concept using two media: the soft curves facing each other representing seating and side wall conjure up associations of the bond between mother and child while the various green shades from the Chroma II series have a peaceful and relaxing effect. They reflect the tranquility of a place of natural beauty.”

Madleena Larivaara


Madleena Larivaara, Architect MAA (Oulu, Finland), Copenhagen, Denmark