Participant category 2: Sun Dayong

Tile wing

Structure, form, features and material – the bionically-interpreted work by the Chinese architect Sun Dayong from the Graft architectural agency in Beijing – covers an outdoor wellness area. In the design presented by this graduate of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, MFA, a wing offers protection – and not only from the sun.

“As in the nature of a superior idea, Tile Wing can be spanned across a multitude of wellness venues when it comes to an aesthetic interpretation of the concept of protection. The ocean breeze remains tangible in areas close to the beach. In a green environment, it offers space for relaxation and delineation: a spa zone in which fatigue dissipates like a feather in the wind. The source of inspiration for the shape of the roof construction reminiscent of a seabird’s wing was the arch in the AGROB BUCHTAL logo. Featuring ceramics from the Chroma II series on account of its multitude possibilities, different colour concepts prevail depending on the location. The inclination angle of the ceramics for the wing underlines the self-cleaning features of HT-coated tiles. Like a seabird on whose feathers rising vapour condensates. Evolving as an unusual place – according to a bionic concept.”

Sun Dayong


Sun Dayong, Graft Beijing LLC/CAFA School, Bejing, 10010 China,