Winner category Learning: Marine Sulmont

Tiles’ pographic

Learning through playful interaction: the architectural world of learning presented by the French architect Marine Sulmont relies on a fascination associated with change. Ceramics become installed components of a game which continually subjects space to new designs. Promoting distraction, well-being and “immersion” – as the primary tasks of architecture.

“Architecture should extend an invitation to participate – it should express differences and constantly be in motion. For example, in waiting rooms where people while away the time until they are called to see the doctor. When children play here, they immerse themselves in another world – distracted from their worries of what lies ahead. This is the task which the Tiles' Pographic learning area strives towards. Tiles open up a possibility to play in this learning area. Featuring magnets on the back, some of them can be moved from one position to another. And they adhere to the metal strips attached between the ceramic. Combinations of letters and numbers therefore give rise to unique patterns: words, shapes, drawings – sometimes even sentences. Rediscovering the room along with other patients. Comparable with games such as Tangram, Scrabble or Lego.”

Marine Sulmont


Marine Sulmont, Sénéchas, France,

The systemic concept was convincing from the start in terms of its simplicity and clarity.

One type of tile, two colors and five motifs generate practically unlimited options. Where the five basic elements still possess a magical component which remains to be deciphered, the next step involves these fractal structures becoming patterns, symbols and words. Unambiguous colors support the effect of this system which reveals a multitude of variants in a playful manner.

– The Tile Award jury