Winner: Avishkar Bharati, JDAP Design-Architecture-Planning, India

Transmittance – color curtain

Dynamics and lightness in the space – with static materials: the Mumbai-based architect Avishkar Bharati is designing a pavilion with wavy walls made from ceramic, moving components. This way, a sensual interplay of colors connects with interactive spatial experience.

“Ceramic is a time-honoured and omnipresent material – but how can it be transformed into new forms? The approaches used here are referred to as dynamisation and energetic flexibility. This creates a space replete with lightness – carried by the persevering geometry of the tile. Hollow ceramic rods, in different lengths and flexibly fixed to steel cables, transform tiles into a wavy surface – similar to a fabric curtain in the wind. This coloruful curtain veils a room that is flooded by light and color. Visitors create the “color faces” by turning the rods and changing the patterns and themes of the tiles as they wish. The pavilion thus remains in a constant state of flux – akin to an urban chameleon interacting with its visitors.”

Avishkar Bharati


Avishkar Bharati, JDAP Design-Architecture-Planning, Mumbai, India

The ceramics define and form the room.

The tile is defining [and forming] the space. By this we mean, the tile is made from a thin line that creates a wavy wall, through which light can pass and play. This line is also of varying lengths which creates a fluid surface effect. The [...] ceramic tubes threaded through a cable rope can be rotated individually and therefore create an interactive surface with endless possibilities of configuration.