Special mention: Joana Correia Silva, João Araújo Sousa

Traveller's wheel

The changeability of the surfaces generates an extraordinary dynamism and harbours creative potential: with Traveller’s Wheel, we experience ceramic as a playful, flexible medium that can be used for interaction, decoration or information.

“The central idea of Traveller’s Wheel is the creation of a surface which is available for active design by passers-by or visitors – or acting as an information or inspiration medium for visitors, rather like a public display. It can be used, manually changed or programmed, or it can serve all three purposes simultaneously. The architecture of Traveller’s Wheel consists of a wall construction featuring rotating ceramic cubes. Each of the cubes’ four sides have different colours, enabling numerous compositions to be created through the choice of colours and their combination with the other sides of the cubes – manually or digitally, with different control options, such as via touchscreen.”

Joana Correia Silva, João Araújo Sousa


Joana Correia Silva, João Araújo Sousa, Porto, Portugal