Winner category Wellness/Spa: Ana Fonceca

Volumetric light

Magic of the spa – geometry of light: inspired by quartz, the spa designed by DIGITALAB’s team led by architect Ana Fonseca, Lisbon - S. João da Madeira, Portugal, seeks the experience of illumination as a source of well-being, whereby the magic of light is generated by ceramic applied at various angles.

“Rough on the outside, excitingly glazed on the inside – this spa design was inspired by quartz crystals. The concept experiments with the expression of light in the interior of a meditative wellness room. Giving rise to a special ‘temple’ of well-being which can be installed anywhere: in a magical tropical forest, on a heavenly beach, in a peaceful snow-covered landscape or in the heart of the city.

The concept is focused on the aesthetic discovery and maximisation of expression by ceramic through light. This entails the use of Chroma tiles from the ChromaPlural system in the spa interior. Applied at various angles, they conjure up a mystically golden illumination. The Portland series is ideal for the exterior thanks to its dynamism and multifaceted surfaces.”

Ana Fonseca


Ana Fonseca - DIGITALAB | Lisbon - S. João da Madeira | Portugal |

“The precise yet poetic development of this interior is inspiring while its constructive design is convincing.

Even the concept idea is surprising thanks to its clear room structure whose sculptural interior design puts the use of standard tiles in an entirely new context. It is impressive how the effect of the ‘optic eye’ has been examined and documented. And how perspectives have been created.

– The Tile Award jury


Photo shoot

Realisation of the winning design