KerAion Special Glazes for Operating Theatres


KerAion Special Glazes for Operating Theatres

Special Solutions

The panels, available in 60 x 60 cm format, are specially designed for wall coverings in rooms where lasers are used - such as operating theatres. What is special about them is that incident laser beams are dispersed and uncontrolled reflection is thus avoided. This is confirmed by the expert opinion of the Laser Medical Centre Berlin and applies to the following types of lasers normally used in medical applications:

  • Argon – a typical visible laser
  • Nd:YAG – a typical laser in the close-infrared range
  • Excimer – a typical UV-laser
  • CO2 – a typical laser in the mid-infrared range

An optimal complement for the floor is the electrostatically conducting panel KerAion ELA 10.6, also in 60 x 60 cm format.

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