Solid Rock

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Solid Rock

Powerful, striking and expressive.

Solid Rock – this name alone is a clear statement. And the robust quality of this series is almost set in stone. Solid Rock eliminates the boundaries between inside and outside. Purely aesthetically, because it brings the power of nature into bathrooms, foyers and all other rooms. But there are also unlimited possibilities when it comes to laying. Because interior tiles in combination with Solid Rock patio tiles create seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors.


Room for details


A highlight for hotels and restaurants, but also in private living areas. The lively structure of the tiles accentuates rooms clearly and stringently. The move wall bond further expands the design freedom for architects and planners. This is due to the different and carefully selected colour shades in which this aesthetically truly stunning tile is available. Solid Rock is Protecta-upgraded and thus resistant to dirt and stains. 


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