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Robust and elegant

Inspired by the coarse texture and expressive grain pattern of “Bleu de France” marble, the Somero wall and floor tile series is equally robust and elegant. Its surface is also attributed durability by the stony look. The grey tones of the original have been extended to include a graded colour range of grey, anthracite, mud and beige enabling versatile laying of the series in both public and private environments. It harmonises with various style trends ranging from minimalist and practical through classically modern to current design.


Designing with formats


With a wide selection of formats, Somero offers extensive freedom of design: along with mosaics (5 x 5 cm, R10/B), strip formats are available in 10 x 60 and 15 x 60 and tiles in 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm. The series is rounded off by stair tiles (30 x 60 cm) and skirtings (7 x 60 cm). Thanks to non-slip designs (R9, R10/A and R10/B), Somero is also suitable for use in bathrooms and spas. All elements of the series are Protecta-coated for easy cleaning.


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