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Play with movement and transparency.

The Aruba series is puristic, harmonious and ideal for private bathrooms. In warm white colors and sandy shades, it is available as wall tile and Kentia decorative tile with palm leaf motifs. The decorative tiles can be arranged as desired and can be laid without specific direction. They are available in oblong format. This and their special tile pattern offer unlimited visual freedom when laying. It also makes the filigree rhythm of the tile pattern possible and particularly emphasizes the movement of the leaves.

The floor tiles round off the range, also in the particularly representative size of 60 x 120 cm and in the visually appealing mosaic format. The Hytect surface makes the entire series very easy to clean; it has an antibacterial effect and ensures hygienic cleanliness.


Room for details

Haptically appealing, Aruba sets subtle visual accents. Natural-colored and warm, this tile is wellness for all senses. A reminiscence of sun and wind, of the sea, palm trees, light and shade.


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