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Colorful and flexible

The demands on the material used are particularly high under water. Chroma bundles a wealth of experience in swimming pool design to form a product range which is specially coordinated to underwater applications. The joint width of 6 mm is particularly popular in pool design and is used as standard. Accident prevention is attributed maximum priority in any swimming pool – especially in particularly slippery areas such as steps leading into the water or wading pools. This is why Chroma also offers non-slip features in the C category, where maximum requirements on standardised design and safety can be realised without compromise.


The colour concept: mix and match

When it comes to color design in pool areas, blue is usually the color of choice. But Chroma  also offers warm and neutral colors  inspired by nature – for classics which are rich in variation, individual highlights and comprehensive aesthetic design. The standard range comprises a total of 35 different colors for the pool series.

The color ranges are divided into six groups: Warm, Earthy, Cool, Fresh and Sunny, circling around a subdued group of neutral greys. Each group contains colors that can be easily mixed and matched, both within and between groups. This allows for consistent and harmonious designs.


Stability in the pool: 6 mm joint

Specially developed for pool design, the Chroma Pool series features a 6 mm joint in order to comply with the particular loads prevailing in this area. This wider and more stable joint also permits comprehensive connections to special moulded pool parts such as large pool edge systems.


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