Modern White


Modern White

Natural and elegant

Purist clarity? Relaxing natural ambience? Decorative elements make the difference in the Modern White range. Depending on the selection, the shimmering pearl white wall tile harmonises with a wide range of interior styles.


Room for details

A border is available which is based on black Sahara marble and another less contrasting variant in calm shades of grey. The “Botanic” decorative style adds an exotic touch to any home. A glossy print in leaf optic which is printed on the silky-matt tile surface creates an elegant linking element to the glossy basic tiles in the range.

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Modern White
Modern White

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  1. Product type
  2. Format | Nominal size
  3. Color
  4. Material thickness
Article 393115H
Decorative tile decor Botanic


30 x 90 cm | 12 x 36 in


Hytect Clever Clean
Order on one-way pallet

Tiles over a size of 30 x 60 cm are usually shipped on a one-way pallet. Please choose a smaller format of the same color if not explicitly requested.

Product data sheet
  1. General Information
    • Article
    • Series
      Modern White
    • Product type
      Decorative tile decor Botanic
    • Product supplement
      Set of 2 pieces
    • Product note
      Decoration elements only available in full boxes.
    • Material type
      Earthenware tiles
    • Product norm
      Blll GL
      Dry-pressed Ceramic Tiles, DIN EN 14411, group BIII, glazed (GL) for wall coverings in indoor areas (earthenware tiles)
    • Price group
      2 x W462
    • Price group unit
  2. Color + Optic
    • Color
    • Optic
    • Glaze
    • Surface structure
    • Degree of surface gloss
  3. Dimensions
    • Format | Nominal size
      30 x 90 cm | 12 x 36 in
    • Work size
      297 x 897 x 10,5 mm
    • Material thickness
      10.5 mm
    • Joint width recommendation
      3 mm
    • Rectified
  4. Application areas + characteristics
    • Application areas
    • Wall | Floor
    • Indoor | Outdoor
    • Hytect
  5. Logistical Data
    • Pieces per unit
      1.111 pieces per m
    • Weight
      5.392 kg per m
    • Package content
      2.000 pieces per bundle
    • Area per package
      1.800 running meter per bundle
    • Weight per package
      9.706 kg per bundle
  6. Further product information