Ceramic patio tiles

Outdoors at home in summer

Your terrace: your additional feel-good space for sunny times. Throughout the year, a high-quality ceramic covering defies wind and weather, sun, ice, and snow: for a permanently attractive appearance without great maintenance effort. Whether for terraces, balconies, walkways or conservatories - large-format and 2 cm thick terrace tiles from AGROB BUCHTAL offer the suitable covering for your personal outdoor concept.


Non fading, easy  to clean and environ­mentally friendly

In practice, tiles are convincing because of the advantages that come with the material ceramic. Tiles do not fade, become brittle and do not turn yellow. Even in intense sunlight, the tile retains its color. In addition, tiles are insensitive and uncomplicated in care. Mites, fungi and germs do not find a breeding ground, in particular due to our surface refined withHytect.


As a rule, tiles last a lifetime. They are therefore a good choice for both ecological and economic reasons. In addition, they are recyclable because they can be used as a mineral secondary building material or as a basic material for a new tile.

Uniform design from the inside to the outside

Due to the wide range of colors and formats, you have numerous options. A big plus compared to other products: all patio tiles are part of a collection (or series), which means that the tiles are also available in this design for the interior. In this way, you can create a spacious and uniform design from the inside to the outside. And the terrace becomes an extended living area in the outdoors.



All series with terrace tiles at a glance

Types of installation

All patio slabs can be laid in three variants - depending on requirements: loose in a bed of chippings, bonded on drainage mortar or innovatively on stilt bearings (60 x 60 cm format only).

Dry laying

in gravel

laying- in-a-bed-of-chippings

Advantages of this laying option:

  • Easy and economical laying.
  • Tiles can be walked on straight after laying.
  • Laid loosely, tiles are easily replaced.
  1. AGROB BUCHTAL patio tiles (use cross joints)
  2. Gravel layer of approx. 5 cm (2-4 mm or 2-5 mm grains) for good drainage
  3. Permeable covering
  4. Frost protection/Suppor ting layer, approx. 15-30 cm depending on load resistance
  5. Load-bearing structure (with incline in topsoil and drainage, if necessary)


on drainage mortar

Patio tiles installation bonded on drainage mort

Advantages of this laying option:

  • Surface-finish look thanks to joints.
  • Laid on drainage mortar and adhesively-bonded, AGROB BUCHTAL patio tiles can withstand even higher loads.
  • Ideal adhesive bond guaranteed for extruded tiles.
  1. AGROB BUCHTAL patio tiles
  2. Bonding bridge/Contact layer (e. g. PCI Caraflott NT)
  3. Beddaing mortar with drainage (≥ 5 cm)
  4. Permeable covering
  5. Frost protection/Supporting layer, approx. 15-30 cm depending on load resistance
  6. Load-bearing structure (with incline in topsoil and drainage, if necessary)


on pedestals

Patio tiles laying on pedestals

Advantages of this laying option:

  • Laid on pedestals, tiles are easily replaced.
  • Cables can be laid concealed under the construction.
  • Pedestals also allow existing patios to be "tiled over" enabling a new appearance without removing the old one, whereby the installation height must also be taken into consideration.
  1. AGROB BUCHTAL patio tiles
  2. Pedestals with cross joints
  3. Separating layer/Protective mat
  4. Waterproofing (as per DIN 18195)
  5. Supporting substructure