Marble & More

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Marble & More

The beauty of stone in all its nuances.

While marble is usually used in large formats, the Marble & More mosaic series captivates with its almost small-scale aesthetics and varied colorfulness. Unlike its natural marble counterpart, this tile is insensitive to aggressive media such as cleaning agents, shampoos and soaps. Marble & More is at home in spas, swimming pools or wellness areas.

The mosaic adapts to a wide variety of shapes and thus also becomes a custom-made suit for curves, benches and pool edges, loungers or decorative details. Slip-resistant variants extend the laying freedom of planners and architects. As Hytect tiles, Marble & More are very easy to clean and they ensure hygiene. In addition, the series is color-coordinated with the Ascona series on floors and walls.


Room for details

True power lies in tranquillity – and the aesthetic strength of this series lies in the variety of colors. Modern lifestyle and functionality meet timeless classicism and a visually and haptically extravagant appearance. 

Marble + More reinterprets the fascination of marble and nature. In the full play of colors, with extravagant visual accents but different from classic marble in small format. Wonderful to walk on barefoot and in a quality that can be felt directly.


Marbel + More and Ascona

Well combined

Marble + More was already color-coordinated with the Ascona series during development. That is why the two series harmonize and combine so well with each other. The large-format porcelain stoneware tiles of the Ascona series are ideal for floors. For a matching wall design, the fine mosaic tiles can be used both accentuated and generously and flat


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  1. Product type
  2. Format | Nominal size
  3. Color
  4. Slip-resistant
Article 431126H
Marble & More
Stoneware tiles
1 x 1 cm | 3/8 x 3/8 inch
Hytect Clever Clean
  1. Color + Optic
    • Color
      labradorit blue
    • Optic
      marble, stone
    • Glaze
    • Surface structure
    • Degree of surface gloss
    • Color Shade Variation
    • Design
      Natural stone look in dark blue-green tones, striking grain pattern of fine veining, lamellar and crystalline structures, smooth.
  2. Dimensions
    • Format | Nominal size
      1 x 1 cm | 3/8 x 3/8 inch
    • Work size
      12 x 12 x 6.5 mm | 313 x 313 mm
    • Material thickness
      6.5 mm
    • Joint width recommendation
      3 mm
    • Rectified
  3. Application areas + features
    • Product norm
      BI b GL
      Dry-pressed Ceramic Tiles, DIN EN 14411, group BIb, glazed (GL) for floor and wall coverings in indoor and outdoor areas (stoneware tiles)
    • Wall | Floor
    • Indoor | Outdoor
      Indoor, Outdoor
    • Resistance to frost
    • Stress group
    • Capacity load group
    • Suitable for surgery rooms
    • Finishing
    • Thermoplastic glueing
      Mosaics glued thermoplastically on back can be used not only in dry zones but also without any problems in underwater areas (e.g. swimming pools/whirlpools) as well as in permanently wet areas (e.g. pool surrounds/showers).
  4. Price + logistic data
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    • Price group unit
    • sheets per m²
    • kg per m²
    • sheets per bundle
    • m² per bundle
    • kg per bundle
    • m² per pallet
    • kg per pallet
  5. Further product information