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Colorful and flexible

Serial variety and flexibility: specially developed for Plural, the range of colors comprises 50 co-ordinated colors. Whether glazed or unglazed, earthenware, stoneware or porcelain stoneware – the slim 3 mm joint is equally standard in Plural as the Hytect coating which decomposes pollutants and various slip-resistant versions. Plural is so versatile for both interior and exterior applications: from facades to floors, underground railway stations to spa landscapes.


The color concept: mix and match

We have developed the color concept together with the color expert Peter Zoernack. “Ideally, color follows form”, is how he describes the principles guiding. The color concept intends to support spatial effects, not camouflage them. 

The color ranges are divided into six groups, each with two main colors as a basis for a series of different hues, levels of brightness and saturation: Warm, earthy, cool, fresh and sunny, circling around a subdued group of neutral greys. Each group contains colors that can be easily mixed and matched, both within and between groups. This allows for consistent and harmonious designs, even if different spaces contain colors from different groups. 



Elegant colors and narrow joints

From the warm reds to the cool blues, the palette consists of sophisticated colors which are elegantly understated yet distinctively present, and applicable in a wide variety of conditions. Bright and fresh for swimming pools for instance, warm and comforting in a spa where tiles are the natural choice, but also in hospital environments where durability and hygiene are equally decisive factors when opting for tiles.

In order to implement sophisticated room concepts regardless of the tile format, joint widths for all products are reduced to a slim dimension of only 3 millimetres and edge designs are standardised.


A color combination that looks elegant and restrained: the oxide red from the warm color series combined with neutral gray tones.


Also very nice: the green and turquoise tones of the fresh color series. Here also combined with neutral gray tones.


Mosaic Designer

Free your mind

Your ideas. With our mosaics. Using the planning tool, architects and interior designers can create individual image motifs, color gradients and mosaic combinations at the touch of a button. There are no limits to the variations and motifs. The Mosaic Designer is easy and fun to use: The design is visible on the screen within only a few seconds.
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  1. Product type
  2. Format | Nominal size
  3. Color
  4. Degree of surface gloss
  5. Slip-resistant
  6. Finishing
Article 701-2008H
Stoneware tiles
1 x 1 cm | 3/8 x 3/8 inch
No slip-resistant
Hytect Clever Clean

This product is made to order and is not available as a sample. If you are interested in a color sample, please contact us here.

  1. Color + Optic
    • Color
      dark blue
    • Optic
    • Glaze
    • Surface structure
    • Degree of surface gloss
    • NCS code recommendation
    • Luminance
    • Color Shade Variation
    • Design
      Plain-coloured glazed, even.
  2. Dimensions
    • Format | Nominal size
      1 x 1 cm | 3/8 x 3/8 inch
    • Work size
      12 x 12 x 6.5 mm | 313 x 313 mm
    • Material thickness
      6.5 mm
    • Joint width recommendation
      3 mm
    • Rectified
  3. Application areas + features
    • Product norm
      BI b GL
      Dry-pressed Ceramic Tiles, DIN EN 14411, group BIb, glazed (GL) for floor and wall coverings in indoor and outdoor areas (stoneware tiles)
    • Wall | Floor
      Floor, Wall
    • Indoor | Outdoor
      Indoor, Outdoor
    • Resistance to frost
    • Slip-resistant
      No slip-resistant
    • Stress group
    • Capacity load group
    • Suitable for surgery rooms
    • Finishing
    • Thermoplastic glueing
      Mosaics glued thermoplastically on back can be used not only in dry zones but also without any problems in underwater areas (e.g. swimming pools/whirlpools) as well as in permanently wet areas (e.g. pool surrounds/showers).
  4. Price + logistic data
    • Price group
    • Price group unit
    • sheets per m²
    • kg per m²
    • sheets per bundle
    • m² per bundle
    • kg per bundle
    • m² per pallet
    • kg per pallet
  5. Further product information
    • Make-to-order production
      Return and/or cancellation of ordered products not possible.
    • Product information
      Upon request, defined color gradients and mosaic pictures can also be supplied.