Profiled edging


Profiled Edgings

Without corners and edges

In addition to the fun factor and quality of stay, the safety of their pool guests is the top priority for pool operators. Sharp corners and edges must be avoided to keep the risk of injury to visitors as low as possible. Profiled eges turn the bathing landscape of benches, stairs, structural partitions or terraces into a collection of soft shapes. Also available as anti-slip versions and in two different radii, profiled edges not only allow swimming pools to be designed safely, they also offer a ceramic solution for edge design in a continuous material and with the same color, as well as the possibility of color accentuation of edges - a further contribution to safety in swimming pools.


Room for details


Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings
Profiled edgings

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