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Special Tiles

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The construction of swimming pools requires some very special solutions that cannot be used in any other application area and that a premium supplier of swimming pool ceramics should have in its product range in order to be able to cover the full spectrum of requirements of pool architecture with a holistic program. These include rung stones for pool ladders, writing plates for indicating pool depths or for marking non-swimmer areas or flat gutters for draining surfaces. These are all details that can be found in almost every swimming pool and which could otherwise only be implemented by changing the material, e.g. to stainless steel.


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Sportcomplex Koning Willem Alexander Hoofddorp 9-Spezialplatte
Special tiles
Special tiles
Special tiles
Special tiles

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  1. 552001 active azure
  2. 552002 light azure
  3. neutral 10 (active white)
  4. neutral 10 (active white) / active azure
  5. neutral 10 (active white) / light azure
  6. neutral 10 (active white) / neutral 1 (deep black)
  7. grey-beige
  8. grey-beige / neutral 10 (active white)
  9. grey-beige / active azure
  10. grey-beige / light azure
  11. grey-beige / neutral 1 (deep black)
  12. neutral 1 (deep black)
  13. grey-white
  14. grey-beige
  15. stone-grey
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