Area Pro

For future classics

Just right for everything. AREA PRO is the new collection for every possible application. A timeless design, comprehensive without parallel, and well thought-out.

Missed the BAU?

That can happen! We don't want to deprive you of our 2021 highlights. Sit back, relax and watch our highlights in streaming format.
Hygienic surface

Germ killers!

For the ultimate healthy lifestyle. Hytect declares war on bacteria and mould. Good for you and good for the environment.
Laying patterns

Beautifully laid

What patterns can you create with tiles? We provide an overview of laying patterns - from traditional to bold.
Novelty 2020


Rooms tell stories. The tile series Stories in urban cement optic joins in on anything that life brings.
Novelty 2020


The relief slate look of the Timeless collection provides space for design icons, at the same time surprising with on-trend graphic decorative tiles.
Vintage trend


Not an off-the-shelf tile: the Karl mosaic delivers a modern vintage look for trend-setters and connoisseurs of all things unique.