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The design combines the best of two worlds. Casual industrial look with classic, modern ornaments. For bathrooms, living areas and terraces.

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Safety first

Anti-slip tiles provide grip and prevent accidents. Choosing the right rating group is crucial. We'll make you fit!

Poolside dreams

Sauna, experience shower, swimming pool. More and more people are making their dream of having their own spa a reality. With ceramic, of course.

Since 1755.

We didn't begin producing tiles yesterday. Today AGROB BUCHTAL products can be found all over the world. Find out what we are made of.
NEW 2023


As in a wonderfully lively patchwork, different surfaces in TRIO come together to form a constantly changing, coherent picture.
NEW 2024


With its nuanced color palette and variety of formats, Strata offers a modular system for timeless room designs.
Novelty 2023


Palm trees and mountain landscapes in fine brushwork and delicate watercolors. Combined with the natural expression of Italian marble.
Benefits of ceramics

Inner values

Tiles are the material of choice in bathrooms. But tiles are also becoming increasingly popular in other residential areas. There are good reasons for this.