We know tiles. Working with clay since 1755, we have a full-fledged understanding of our material, and how to make stoneware, porcelain stoneware, and earthenware of the highest quality. In our four German production facilities we continue to refine our recipes to mix clay, feldspar, fireclay, kaolin and water. Going from malleable to firm in carefully monitored firing processes, clay is a natural material with infinite possibilities to craft ceramic products which contribute to make architecture durable, sustainable, and beautiful.


Our products have applications far and wide. And inside and out. From private homes to museums. From hotels to hospitals. From restaurants to offices. From shops to swimming pools. From bathroom floors to building façades. We make floor, wall, and façade tiles for every purpose. And we manufacture all kinds of special elements to meet nearly every specific requirement, wether it is a moulded part for a pool, or an integrated guidance systems for visually impaired people. Our tiles find their way everywhere, the world over.


No matter how good our products are, we believe it is only their application which brings their qualities to fruition. That is why we value collaborations and treasure sharing our knowledge, to find the best solution for each of your architectural projects. Using our standard range of products when they suffice; offering a customized answer when warranted. Special solutions are our specialty. We have the expertise and experience to support architects, from tenders to the completion of projects. Tell us how we can help you. Tell us if you want to hear what we know.


We know how to make great tiles. Yet we work incessantly to make them even better. Craftsmanship and new technology are combined in the creation of innovative non-slip surfaces for wet settings, and the development of new and easy ways to process ceramics, such as DryTile, which does not require any glue. We are invested in health and hygiene, as our sustainable Hytect technology shows, which is applied in nearly every product we manufacture. Aside from developing innovations across the board, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke new solutions, supporting architects to realize their best ideas.