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Handcrafted and original

The Karl collection of mosaics interprets craftwork and natural glazes in an extraordinarily creative manner. The glaze type and raw material formula give rise to differing tile images in each firing process which – when laid across larger sur­faces – radiate an authentic and elementary appeal. Symbolising a simple life which focuses on the essential. The glazed version is eminently suitable for wall design while the matt stone surface is also ideal for floors, thanks to R10/B slip resistance. Particularly effective larger areas, columns or other structural elements can be designed using the 2.5 x 2.5 cm variant. Creating the effect of a tailored ceramic gown. The Stories series is recommended as matching floor tiles.

We have now complemented Karl with a modern 10 x 25 bar format. The color spectrum of Karl has also been expanded with five new colors.


Room for details

Karl – this is not only a play with shapes, but also one with color. From a discreet grey and green-grey, which blend almost universally into any room, the color spectrum extends to aqua and turquoise with clear hints of Caribbean water and nature. Karl thus becomes an eye-catcher or a harmonious companion of wood and concrete or brass, as the case may be. In the strong Ocean Blue or Forest, this special tile is a statement which is as consistent as it is bold. For example, in modern bathrooms, but also in bars or restaurants.

Karl Jeffs Bathroom MOS 10x25 forest MOS 10x25 HF
Karl Jeffs Bathroom MOS 10x25 forest MOS 10x25 D
Karl Breakfast Bistro MOS 10x10 aqua HF

Named after ceramics engineer Karl Weber, this series shows character. During firing, an individual tile pattern is created for each tile. The result: a convincingly detailed play of surfaces, grounded and yet refined in a natural way.

Karl Breakfast Bistro MOS 10x10 aqua D

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