What sustainability means to us

  1. Making simplicity a principle to avoid the superfluous

  2. Designing naturally beautiful for healthy living and durable buildings

  3. Offering perspective in a cycle of customer wishes and climate protection

  4. Acting transparently because fair trade is important to us

  5. Taking a stand out of conviction

  6. offer information to make the building turnaround possible

Reason for the world - The scientific evidence that mankind is responsible for climate change is irrefutable. The temperature of the earth’s biosphere has risen perceptibly over the past one hundred years. Extreme weather conditions are an ever more frequent phenomenon. If we fail to change our attitudes and lifestyles, global warming will have a devastating effect on our lives and those of future generations.

– From the preamble of the BDA Manifesto

Think future


The effects of climate change and dwindling resources are serious and set the tone for a rapidly changing world. Change is everywhere: in new ways of living and working, mobility solutions. New ideas are needed, but also determination and courage to drive change without losing companies or industries. In the high pace of innovation that is demanded, we want to pause for a moment and give space to questions, thinking and discussions: What can be left undone, done better, contributed to achieve the climate goals we have set? So let's reset the hard drives in our heads and think together.

Good cooperation

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