The advantages of ceramic tiles

Ceramic has been used by man for thousands of years, e.g. as a material for coverings, vessels, crockery, technical or medical purposes. But above all, as a cultural heritage in the area of art and aesthetics. There is practically no more creative building material than ceramic tiles: thanks to infinite colors, shapes and formats, it is possible to realise any conceivable style.

Furthermore, ceramic tiles are one of the few materials which are equally suitable for application on walls and floors, thereby enabling comprehensive design concepts.

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Easy-care, hygienic and antibacterial

Ceramic surfaces are “tightly sealed”. Turned over glasses, splashes, steam or high levels of humidity which would otherwise leave stains do not present any problems for tiles.

Thanks to our Hytect coating in particular, dust mites, fungi and germs are unable to gain a foothold.

Tiles are durable and uncomplicated in terms of care. 

Color-fast, light-fast and pressure-resistant

Tiles do not fade, become brittle or yellow. Even when exposed to intensive sunlight or strong lighting, tiles retain their original color.

High heels, furniture legs or heavy flower pots do not leave any unattractive pressure marks.

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Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly

Ceramic conducts and stores heat. This is also referred to as the “tiled stove effect”. It is, therefore, the ideal choice for convenient and energy-saving underfloor or wall heating systems.

Tiles usually last a lifetime which makes them a good choice for both ecological and economic reasons. Furthermore, tiles are recyclable as they can be reused in their capacity as a mineral secondary building material or as a raw material for new tiles.