Less is more - let’s cut down to the bare essentials

Many of the things that need space, resources and energy have disappeared with digital change. Climate change demands much more. Let’s cut down to the bare essentials: the 6 mm tile generation leaves behind an extremely minimal carbon footprint without losing strength and precision. The right thing for uncompromising sustainable building.

Area Pro Badezimmer beige Detail 6mm Wandfliesea

6 mm is a success story for our carbon footprint

Fewer resources: Due to the reduced material thickness, the same formats and surfaces can be produced with a reduced raw material requirement.

Less energy: The thinner tile thickness reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions during firing. Lower fuel consumption: As there is less material and lower weight for the delivery of the raw materials and transport of the tiles, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be optimised.

Less space: Thanks to their slimmer dimensions, more square metres of tiles fit on a pallet, so that storage space can be used more efficiently.

Less waste:Thinner tiles, less volume – existing packaging units hold more square metres of tiles, reducing packaging material and waste.

Verlegung 6mm Steingut Wandfliese 13

Outstanding: success

The challenges of our time are forcing us to rethink our approach. By systematically looking for a better solution, endeavouring to identify and utilise potential improvements, and with a clear focus on what matters, we have made our ceramic tiles lighter by several millimetres. In new builds, conversions or renovations: the 2022/23 series innovations from Agrob Buchtal now sit just 6 mm proud of the wall and floor. This makes it easier to change and design flexible floor plans with tiles on tiles, without impairing the visual appearance of the space. Practical: The overall height of the tile also remains ideal for butting up to existing elements, such as door frames, windows or other floor coverings. A win for private as well as professional renovation professionals. 

Ideal dimensions that are of lasting importance

Figures based on 30 x 60 cm tiles.

Tile thickness 6 mm 9 mm
Per pack 13 Tiles 9 Tiles
112,3 m² 77,8 mm²
  1,154 kg 1,162 kg