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Modern versatility - Vivara by Agrob Buchtal: pragmatic, practical, aesthetic!

The topic of non-slip safety and slip-resistance may sound rather rational and humourless. The fact that this need not be the case is proven by the new series Vivara by Agrob Buchtal. In this collection, functional aspects such as slip-resistance are packaged attractively in the form of a modern rustic air which embodies a pleasant balance between calm and distinctive.

This results in manifold ranges of use, especially in areas susceptible to slippery floors caused by water and other media. One classic example is provided by pool rims and adjacent zones such as changing areas, shower facilities, saunas, relaxation rooms, steam baths or barefoot paths. It can also be used for floors which are walked on wearing shoes and for those requiring assessment group R10 (e.g. sanitary facilities) or R11 (e.g. various service aisles in the food sector).

Creative combinability
This variability is based on a small but clever modular tile concept available in formats of 5 x 5, 15 x 15, 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm and naturally earthy colour nuances such as anthracite, shell, sand and umbra. The design comprises a subtle combination of cotto, stone and concrete which are merged to a ceramic overall composition of optical and haptic interest. Apart from the tasteful appearance, another advantage lies in the fact that no particular running direction needs to be considered when laying. And yet another advantage is represented by the fact that the colours comply with the existing ChromaPool series, enabling the realisation of comprehensive solutions.

Attractive functionality
This design aspect can also be applied across individual areas, particularly using the universal 30 x 60 cm format which is available in three non-slip variants: R10/A, R11/B and R11/C. This makes it possible to ensure visual consistency despite changing functional requirements – a key criterion in complex buildings such as public swimming pools, for example, which prevents a “patchwork” and conveys architectural stringency instead.

Design accuracy
Quality in detail is also evident in the moulded parts in the new floor series: the rounded sections of the skirting element measuring 6 x 60 cm and the cove skirting measuring 25 x 12.5 cm feature the same design as the other formats, enabling the cove skirting to be laid horizontally without any irritating differences. And creating a particularly elegant and functional transition between the floor and the wall.

Hytect coating as an added value
The new Vivara collection also features a HT (“Hydrophilic Tile”) coating ex-works. This innovative solution is based on the effects of light and attributes ceramic tiles some revolutionary properties: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without chemicals and dissipate disturbing odours and pollutants in the air. Accordingly, HT saves time and money while simultaneously conserving the environment thanks to significantly less use of cleaning and disinfection agents.

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Motif 1

Attractive slip-resistance: Vivara by Agrob Buchtal is predestined for pool rims (photo) and other wet areas subject to assessment group A or B but can also be used for floor surfaces which are walked on wearing shoes and therefore requiring R10 or R11.
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The new Vivara collection is an optically and haptically interesting ceramic composition with intimations of cotto, stone and concrete.