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Sonnenhotel Winery Römmert, Volkach (Germany)

Wine, pleasure, style and art

Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers will find the new Sonnenhotel Weingut Römmert in Volkach to be an exceptional holiday destination. The architectural office konzept a+ from Regensburg took over the project development and created a solution that combines aesthetics and functionality in impressive harmony. Wall and floor tiles of the architectural ceramic brand Agrob Buchtal play a special role, for example in the bathrooms of the guest rooms: there, washstands and shower floors made of the same ceramic tiles as on the floor and wall allow a coherent room concept and a special kind of feel-good atmosphere.

The cosy and at the same time contemporary and modern hotel rooms at the foot of the Franconian vineyards were designed in cooperation with the interior designer Silvana Gutjahr (furniture) and the artist Ameli Neureuther (large-format Pop Art pictures). Their works adorn, among other things, the sliding glass partition wall between the bathroom and the actual hotel room. The same applies to the oak shelf designed by Silvana Gutjahr, which serves as a stylishly contrasting base for the ceramic washbasin.

The intention of the architectural office konzept a+ was to integrate the bathrooms into the guest rooms with a certain degree of variability and to separate them only by the sliding, artistically designed glass wall. "We wanted to lend the rooms a certain spaciousness and creatively dissolve the corner where the bathroom would otherwise "disappear"," explains office owner Manfred Stockinger. It is up to the guests themselves to decide whether they want to discreetly close the glass partition and enjoy the art of Ameli Neureuther or whether they prefer to leave it generously open.

The overall character of the hotel skilfully plays with the theme of wine and the associations associated with it. The products used should therefore convince with a correspondingly expressive materiality and create an upscale ambience with natural warm colours and clear design language.

Attention to detail
For the ceramic tiles, the architects opted for the Agrob Buchtal brand: for the bathrooms in the guest rooms, they chose the Nova series (format 30 x 60 centimetres with slip-resistance class R10). This collection impresses on floor and wall with its soft matt-gloss contrasts and could also be used in the floor-level shower due to the slip resistance R11/B which is also available. With Nova, a harmonious combination with the wood decor of the furniture and the muted warm wall colours has been achieved, whereby the colour and feel of this tile series evoke the desired associations with natural elements.

A stylistic solution is provided by the washbasins of the Surf system by Agrob Buchtal, which in this project are made of ceramic tiles from the Nova collection and, thanks to the resulting material homogeneity, fuse sculpturally with the wall tiles. Using different variations of the tile colours basalt and medium grey, the architects created an attractive interplay between tone-in-tone combinations and excitingly staged contrasts. "We wanted to design the bathrooms to be open and integrate them architecturally into the guest rooms. That's why it was particularly important for us that the washbasin did not look like a classic washbasin, but rather like a piece of furniture assigned to the room," explains Katharina Engel, interior designer at konzept a+. "With the Surf system, we were able to use a washbasin as if it were cast from a single piece and, in conjunction with the Nova series, to create the impression of an abstract natural stone trough". The high level of design expression is underlined by the fact that the ceramic washbasins were fitted exactly into the respective bathroom situation: Agrob Buchtal's in-house architect service planned the different washbasin variants in close cooperation with the bathroom system specialist Gerloff & Söhne, depending on the room situation, which were then manufactured exactly to size to enable quick installation on site. Surf is therefore a stylish and valuable solution in every respect, enabling hoteliers or restaurateurs to make a statement and differentiate themselves positively.

An additional benefit that works every day
Series such as Nova and many other collections, which are already provided with the Hytect finish ex works, are particularly predestined for the Surf system. This finishing is based on the effect of light and gives ceramic tiles revolutionary properties: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without chemicals and break down unpleasant odours or air pollutants - effects that are particularly effective in sanitary areas, saunas, bathrooms or spas. Hytect thus saves time and money and protects the environment by significantly reducing the use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

System Surf: Everything but ordinary
The innovation Surf includes ceramic washbasins and shower floors, which are offered by Agrob Buchtal in cooperation with the bathroom system specialist Gerloff & Söhne.

The washbasin is available in two standard sizes medium (45x80 centimetres) and large (55x120 centimetres). In addition, project-specific special designs can also be realised, as the example of the Sonnenhotel Weingut Römmert proves. In a special process, ceramic tiles from the wide Agrob-Buchtal range are assembled into a straight-lined, no-frills washbasin that impresses with its purist design language, seamless individual surfaces and a marketable price. Washstand and wall tiles thus merge into a visual unit and can be combined in a variety of ways: Contrasting with exciting clarity, corresponding with differentiated gradations or tone on tone. Supplied ready for installation with wall bracket and matching drain, which uses the so-called capillary effect. The basin therefore already has a slight incline ex works and the water is fed to the drain through a milled transverse groove.

Schematic diagram of capillary action
The shower base of the system also uses this innovative drainage principle. Its dimensions are 60 x 120 centimetres, so that even spacious showers can be realised without joints. Here, too, various series are available, so that the washstand and shower floor can be perfectly matched to one another. There is a choice of a classic drain with a metal lid as well as the exclusive "Slot" solution with a ceramic lid: it is made of the same material as the shower base and is therefore hardly noticeable visually. Accessories matched to the system (siphon with hard foam block including sealing flaps and lid) support easy installation. 

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Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 1

The Sonnenhotel Weingut Römmert in Volkach on the Mainschleife is a themed hotel dedicated entirely to the fascination of wine, ensuring a relaxing and varied stay in combination with inspiration and wellness.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 2

The theme of wine is also reflected in the interior design. Warm, cosy colours and natural materials refer to the fertile vineyards in the surrounding area. Letterings and large-format pictures allow us to immerse ourselves in the world of wine and enjoyment.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 3

The bathrooms are integrated into the guest rooms, but can be separated by a sliding, artistically designed glass wall if required. The Nova tile collection by Agrob Buchtal acts as an architectural link.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 4

An eye-catcher in the bathrooms is the washbasin of the Surf system made of ceramic tiles of the brand Agrob Buchtal. It is delivered ready for installation including a milled drain groove (“behind” the chrome-plated drain), which discreetly and quietly feeds the water to the drain by capillary action.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 5

Masterly workmanship, which is also convincing on closer inspection in detail.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 6

The Nova series from Agrob Buchtal used in Volkach enables holistic concepts and extends over the wall and floor right into the shower area. This stringent room composition is conclusively complemented by the ceramic washbasin (as recognisably also available as a double version), whereby the oak wood shelf specially designed by Silvana Gutjahr serves as a stylishly contrasting substructure.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 7

Even without a substructure (for wheelchair access), Surf washbasins cut a fine figure, as here in the barrier-free guest rooms.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 8

Thanks to slip resistance class R11/B, the Nova series can also be used in floor-level showers. This material homogeneity turns the shower floor into a harmonious part of the room instead of a foreign body as with shower trays made of acrylic or steel enamel.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 9

The noble and warm impression of the wellness area is attractively accompanied by the ceramic tile collection Savona by Agrob Buchtal. This series contains echoes of natural elements such as stone, moss or earth, while still preserving the ceramic identity. The result is a powerful design with character and timeless modernity. In order to take the austerity out of the large rooms and to achieve a discreet rhythm, the tiles (30 x 60 centimetres, slip-resistant R11/B, colour grey) were laid on the floor in a bond.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 10

Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 11

Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 12

Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 13