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Modular and timeless

With co-ordinated colours and surface coatings, non-slip grades from R9 to R12V4 and a wide variety of sizes ranging from large formats to practical Hytect-coated mosaics (in R10/B), the tiles in the Emotion series offer architects plenty of design freedom. Emotion ensures a good design wherever transitions between areas with varying requirements on slip resistance are involved. This lends itself to front cooking in full view of restaurant guests as well as the smooth and attractive combination of repair shop and showroom in a car dealership.


Room for details

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The basic idea of the range picks up on the natural patterns of multicoloured slate from the north-west of Italy. These patterns are transferred to the ceramic material and translated into various reliefs giving rise to three slip resistance levels: from significantly furrowed rock (R11) through fine-veined sandstone (R10) to the silky surface of polished stone slabs (R9). 

For pools

Emotion is eminently suitable for use in private and public swimming pools. Featuring tested non-slip classes R10/A for barefoot zones such as changing and relaxation rooms and R11/B for showers and pool surrounds, Emotion offers the very best requirements. Emotion can also be used as a ceramic channel grating for the „Wiesbaden“ system. The ceramic channel grating now makes it possible to design the entire pool surround as far as the pool edge in a uniform look while simultaneously benefiting from the technical advantages offered by the Wiesbaden system. It is non-slip and extremely resistant.

Hotelpool Detail Emotion
Modern White

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