Ceramic with character

Ceramic is a building material that has been tried and tested for thousands of years. However, it experienced its heyday on facades in Germany in the 1950s, during reconstruction. As a result, many planners and architects in Germany still associate architectural ceramics with this period. Rightly - and also wrongly.

MFH Leopold Sursee 1-craft
MFH Leopold Sursee 11-craft

Because with the further development of ceramic thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) a true renaissance for ceramics has begun. Experts even assume that new guidelines for facade insulation will increase the importance of ETICS in the coming years. With KeraJoin®, such as the Craft series, architects and planners today have access to an exceptionally aesthetic ceramic that also exhibits outstanding energy efficiency properties. It allows great creative freedom.

MFH Leopold Sursee 10-craft

KeraJoin® offers an almost inexhaustible palette of colours, a wide range of gloss levels as well as many possibilities for project-specific individualisation.


A special feature of KeraJoin® are its three-dimensional surfaces. They lend character to buildings both in new construction and renovation.

IBeB Berlin 17-craft
De Korenbloem Kortrijk 11-craft

This is demonstrated by the Vivendra Foundation project, for which the Swiss L3P office is responsible. Depending on the incidence of light and the position of the viewer, the three-dimensional elements of the Craft series repeatedly and surprisingly restage the building, which was renovated in 2015. The small-sized KeraJoin® brick slips optically tie in with the aesthetics of brick facades, which are very popular today. It is therefore no wonder that architect Mareike Beumer from the L3P office even secured her choice of material by visiting historic tile facades in Hamburg. Of the numerous advantages of the versatile material ceramic, sustainability, longevity, aesthetics and color and light fastness were particularly relevant for her.

Stiftung Vivendra 7-craft
Stiftung Vivendra 8-craft