Pool & Spa

Clear water. Fresh colors.

Pool & Spa

Consistent design throughout all pool areas

The concept of contemporary pool architecture is complex and subject to high requirements. And not only in design: whether sports, leisure or adventure pools, therapy pools, private or hotel pools, training and competition pools – they all need to be safe, easy to clean and inexpensive in terms of maintenance.

Tiles meet these practical demands: in the form of special non-slip surfaces, for example, which provide a firm grip even when wet. For a consistent design of pools and pool surrounds through to all adjacent areas such as showers, saunas, changing facilities or restaurants, modular tiles and moulded parts which can be combined are important.

As algae, moss and microbes thrive in the humid climates prevailing in indoor pools, maintaining high hygiene standards can often represent a challenge. The tried-and-tested Hytect technology displayed by our ceramic tiles solves this problem. After all, it has a permanent antibacterial effect, decomposes unpleasant odours and facilitates cleaning.

Mosaic Designer

Free your mind

Your ideas. With our mosaics. Using the planning tool, architects and interior designers can create individual image motifs, color gradients and mosaic combinations at the touch of a button. There are no limits to the variations and motifs. The Mosaic Designer is easy and fun to use: The design is visible on the screen within only a few seconds.
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