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Designing and planning public buildings is a multifaceted and complex process. This includes hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, office and administrative buildings, schools, day-care facilities or museums. Architecture and interior design aim to be aesthetic yet practical in any setting. Surfaces wear fast in high-traffic areas. This requires robust and non-slip materials.

Planners often require specific solutions: floor coverings with guide systems for the visually impaired or ceramic with special glazes which absorb irritating reflections. This is important for operating theatres, for example, and all areas involving laser technology. Speed and therefore efficiency are often the decisive factors: DryTile floor tiles with cork backings are laid dry. This saves an enormous amount of time and therefore costs – an advantage for retail outlets in particular.

Mosaic Designer

Free your mind

Your ideas. With our mosaics. Using the planning tool, architects and interior designers can create individual image motifs, color gradients and mosaic combinations at the touch of a button. There are no limits to the variations and motifs. The Mosaic Designer is easy and fun to use: The design is visible on the screen within only a few seconds.
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