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It has not been a secret for a long time: the first glance of hotel guests is into the bathroom. What they perceive there makes a decisive contribution to the overall evaluation of their stay. The wall and floor coverings as defining elements of the bathroom therefore have an important function. Especially in a family resort, where they have to meet a wide range of stresses and demands without losing any of their aesthetic and functional values. The owner of the Buchau family resort on the Austrian Achensee chose the Savona ceramic tile series from the brand Agrob Buchtal.

Basic aspects
In a family hotel, particular attention is paid to what the hotel has to offer and how it is equipped: What does the childcare and entertainment programme look like? Is there child-friendly equipment in the rooms? Are the food preferences of the younger guests taken into consideration? The hotel room is also of great importance, because during the stay it is the family's temporary home and the area which offers peace and privacy. The interior design should take up these aspects and interpret them in a correspondingly emotional handwriting. Applied to the bathroom, this means skilfully balancing aesthetic design on the one hand and materiality or functionality on the other. The design of the walls and floors as defining elements in the bathroom must therefore correspond to the overall design concept of the hotel in order to effectively support the style of the house - the so-called corporate architecture. In addition, numerous functional requirements have to be met: among other things, the coverings should be moisture-resistant, hygienic and unproblematic in terms of building biology, for example, by neither absorbing odours nor releasing vapours. In addition, properties such as robustness and easy cleaning are required in order to guarantee a representative effect with minimum effort and even after years of use. In the case of the floor covering, specific requirements such as wear- and slip-resistance both when walking with shoes and barefoot have to be met in addition. Ceramic wall and floor coverings fulfil these demanding specifications in an exemplary manner.

"Award-winning" and popular children's hotel
The Buchau family resort is an award-winning children's hotel with 5 Smileys and is located directly on the crystal-clear Achensee lake in Tyrol. The picturesque backdrop of the surrounding mountain and lake landscape invites you to slow down and forget the hectic pace of everyday life as soon as you arrive. An indoor (with around 1,000 m²) and outdoor adventure paradise (with around 25,000 m²) offers pure adventure. The child-friendly equipment in all areas as well as all-day baby and child care by pedagogically trained staff enable parents to enjoy a carefree holiday with a little time for two.

Combining past, present and future
Word of the adventure concept and the loving all-round care spread quickly, and the great popularity inevitably led to an expansion of the range of rooms. With Haus Seeblick, the owner Johann Rieser has now realized his dream of a traditional house which confidently combines the past, present and future, both inside and out. When furnishing this new building, the owner deliberately did not rely on short-term trends, but on natural, durable and timeless materials which blend harmoniously and naturally into the overall concept of the hotel complex. This originality is particularly evident in the hotel rooms, which are inspired by the surrounding nature with lots of wood, felt and granite.

Powerfully archaic: Savona
The desired spectrum of colours and materials could also be implemented in the bathrooms of the hotel rooms thanks to the Savona ceramic tile series. Limestone, granite and cement, a coarse-grained texture as well as soft layers are ceramically interpreted in this collection of Agrob Buchtal and combined to form a lively overall concept. A varied but discreet embossing runs charmingly through the surface and gives Savona a powerful, archaic look. On the wall, Savona is convincing in the 30 x 60 centimetre format, on the floor in 60 x 60 centimetres. In the colour beige, it skilfully combines the look of natural stone with timeless modernity.

The manufacturer creates the pleasantly stony look and haptics by finely dosed granulate application. The glaze mixture is sprayed on using a special process and forms a firm bond with the tile body during firing. The surface created in this way also ensures robustness and slip resistance (R10/A as well as R11/B) even when wet.

Innovative Hytect surface
In addition, the tiles of this collection offer further special properties: thanks to the innovative Hytect surface, which is durably baked on in the factory, they have an antibacterial effect without chemicals, neutralize unpleasant odours and air pollutants and are extremely easy to clean - advantages which come in useful day after day in the Buchau family resort.

The effect of Hytect is based on the principle of the photocatalysis: a reaction between light, oxygen and air humidity is triggered. In this way, active oxygen is formed, which, on the one hand, eliminates unpleasant odours and air pollutants such as, for example, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke or the use-related odour in WC rooms. On the other hand, the active oxygen decomposes microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, algae, moss or germs without chemical substances and inhibits their growth.

In addition, the ceramic tiles coated with Hytect technology are hydrophilic ("water-friendly") and thus particularly easy to clean. Instead of forming drops, the water spreads evenly as a thin film on the tile. The advantage: dirt is infiltrated and can then be easily removed. The photocatalytic effect of Hytect is not used up, but is activated again and again by light, for which even normal room lighting is sufficient.

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Children are welcome guests at the Buchau family resort on Austria's Achensee Lake. Numerous play facilities and attractions ensure satisfied families who, as regular guests, are always happy to return. Only recently, the room contingent was expanded with the new construction of Haus Seeblick.
Source: Buchau Family Resort

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Ceramic tiles are used consistently here: from door leaves to washbasin substructures to door frames. The Savona tile series from Agrob Buchtal forms the design bracket. The fact that children are welcome guests here is shown by the child-friendly furnishings: the washbasin on the left has been set lower.
Source: Family resort Buchau

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The design of a guest bathroom should be inviting, modern and harmonious, but the factors of hygiene and cleanliness also characterize the standard of the hotel. With the innovative Hytect surface from Agrob Buchtal, cleaning becomes child's play. The tiles from the Savona series used here have an antibacterial effect without chemicals, neutralize unpleasant odors as well as air pollutants and are extremely easy to clean.
Source: Family resort Buchau

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In the shower, the Savona ceramic tile collection not only shows off its advantages in terms of ease of cleaning thanks to its Hytect finish, but its discreetly granulated surface also ensures the slip resistance B required in wet areas.
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Already the entrance area proves that the new Haus Seeblick elegantly combines tradition and modernity and skillfully blends into the picturesque scenery.
Source: Agrob Buchtal

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