Energy-intelligent façade systems

Award winner

The CEPA-solutions technology took the top prize in the EFS Award 2024. The European Facade Summit (EFS) 2024 took place in Dominique Perrault's DC Tower in Vienna from February 29 to March 1, 2024. The congress for experts from the façade construction and planning industry provides an overview of current developments in the sector and looks at future trends. The focus is on intelligent and environmentally friendly façade solutions.

Flexibility, adaptability and closed loops are the winning features of this duo. Welcome to the future of construction. Welcome to the world of energy-intelligent ceramic façades from CEPA and KERATWIN. Repositioning real estate? Exploit the full future potential of existing housing estates? Transforming conversions or renovations into sustainable buildings quickly and cost-effectively? These questions are preoccupying the construction sector. The architectural brand AGROB BUCHTAL and CEPA have come up with an innovative solution. United to bring the best of two worlds into one joint system, they show how energy intelligence - especially in renovation and conversion! - into the building simply via the façade.

What is CEPA?
CEPA technology is a simple central energy distribution system that is open to all forms of energy, such as district heating, electricity, photovoltaics, geothermal energy, pellet central heating systems, etc. A principle that uses the facades of a building for heating and cooling and at the same time as a huge energy store for surplus energy. With CEPA technology, we are talking about the largest batteries, which we will learn to appreciate more and more in the future as energy storage and backup in the event of blackouts.

CEPA technology can be used not only in new buildings, but also in the thermal renovation of a building via the existing masonry and in an occupied state. CEPA enables the activation of existing buildings, i.e. the refurbishment and construction of an energy facade and thus ecological upgrading, while at the same time reducing energy costs and increasing living comfort, which leads to an increase in the value of the property.

KERATWIN: Façade ceramics for excellent sustainability
The KERATWIN facade system from Agrob Buchtal makes a near-natural product the protagonist of circular facade concepts. Ceramic is unique in its long-lasting quality and has been developed by Agrob Buchtal in a variety of formats and profiles of ceramic tiles. The theme of color as an architectural stylistic device is virtually inexhaustible at the market leader for architectural ceramics. In its glaze laboratory, more than 16,000 recipes for a wide variety of special glazes have been developed over the decades.

Architects can fall back on Agrob Buchtal's special service of project-related development of unique tiles, so they do not have to do without individually planned beauty under any circumstances in order to meet the requirements of excellent sustainability seals. The KERATWIN ceramic slabs are also lightweight and can take any horizontal and vertical inclination. They alone ensure energy efficiency on the one hand and resource conservation on the other.

  • If you think ecologically, you have to build with foresight
  • Fluctuation costs more than a positive, energy-intelligent living environment
  • Prevention is cheaper than coercive measures in response to necessity

These and other considerations were the inspiration for the development of both CEPA technology and the KERATWIN ceramic façade system. It therefore seems only logical that these two pioneers have joined forces to offer creative solutions for a new culture of remodeling.

Gabriele Busse (Senior PR Manager)
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© Bürger

The Regensburg main fire station impressively demonstrates that functional buildings with high architectural quality can also be realized. Diezinger Architekten opted for KeraTwin (K20)
© / Fotodesign Peters

The KerAion façade system from Agrob Buchtal brings a real bang to the master plan of the Seestadt Aspern in Vienna with its intense blue. Albert Wimmer Architekten have thought ahead to the climate with the system.
© EH Smith/Simon Hadley

The Green Nest in Tirana rises upwards with narrow panels of different lengths. The apartment building was planned by PRG˚B R Architektur from Düsseldorf
© / Photo design Peters

KeraTwin façade in Boston, USA planned by Bruner/Cott & Associates for the Viridian apartment complex
© / Simon Hadley

In Great Britain, the Simpson Haugh and partners group relies on KeraTwin to add a striking silhouette to the existing skyline when designing the high-rise building.
© / Lorenzo Rimondi

KeraTwin for sustainable refurbishment: as here in Spain, simply placed as a second shell on the old façade. In this way, different energy-saving requirements can be easily met in Europe.
© / Peters Fotodesign

In Vienna, Austria, Albert Wimmer ZT Architekten give the residential quarter a long-lasting future and the façade a harmonious face with KeraTwin.

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