Novelty 2022

Jasba-Clara: visually and haptically appealing ceramic tiles with charm

The Clara collection is a 2022 novelty from the Jasba brand that interprets classic and geometric tile patterns in a modern-romantic way. The 22 motifs in total feature sophisticated reliefs combined with glossy glazes, creating visually and haptically interesting effects on the wall. In pleasant tone-in-tone colours, the series enables versatile applications in different style worlds.

Classic motifs and modern technology
The essential characteristic of the new collection is a mix of 22 classic patterns. These are transferred to the tiles by means of sophisticated production technology and form a haptically perceptible relief on delicately tinted glazes. The result is filigree ceramic ornamental tiles that create a gently lively overall picture in the random mix. In combination with the carefully selected colours, Jasba-Clara creates an aesthetic ambience that subtly translates familiar elements into contemporary romance and comfort. The tiles are made of stoneware, a high-quality and robust type of ceramic that looks distinct and fresh in this style.

Attractive and individual accentuation
The new collection creates attractive highlights on both small and large surfaces. It is suitable for all private and numerous public areas. Examples include ambitious shopfitting, hotels, restaurants, sanitary rooms and other applications where wall surfaces of a special kind are in demand. There are two square formats to choose from, which perfectly set the scene for the pattern mix theme:
The 10x10cm mosaic is precisely made up, glued to mesh on the back and then supplied as a 30x30 cm sheet. This not only supports an exact joint pattern, but also enables quick and efficient installation. Each 30x30 cm sheet contains nine 10x10 cm tiles, whereby the arrangement and distribution of the patterns is deliberately random in order to achieve discreet liveliness and playful lightness. In the 15x15 cm format, the delivery form consists of individual tiles (also randomly mixed). In the 15x15 cm format, the delivery form consists of individual tiles (also randomly mixed).

Special features and advantages
Like many series in the range, the Jasba-Clara collection comes with Hytect already applied at the factory. This innovative finish reduces cleaning effort, eliminates air pollutants and odours and has an antibacterial effect without the use of chemical substances. Ceramic tiles with Hytect thus offer important ecological and economic added value.

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Motif 1a


Motif 1b

Jasba-Clara interprets classic tile patterns in a modern-romantic way. The series is predestined for accentuating walls in different areas of app­lication. The subtle colours of the five different shades (motif 1a: vintage rose / motif 1b: country green) support this.

Motif 2a


Motif 2b

The individual patterns (motif 2a: vintage rose / motif 2b: country green) - unite to form a harmonious overall composition that combines familiarity with modernity.

Motif 3

The colour iceland white enables classically elegant concepts and creates sensual spaces or surfaces that are characterised by fine haptic structures.

Motif 4a

This overview shows all five colours in 10x10cm format. Supplied on 30x30cm sheets, the arrangement of the individual patterns is deliberately random to achieve discreet liveliness and playful lightness.

Motif 4b

paris grey

Motif 4c

vintage rose

Motif 4d

country green

Motif 4e

nordic blue

Motif 5

All 22 patterns at a glance (format 15x15cm / colour Nordic Blue): Supplied as individual tiles, also in a random mix to allow the same design effects and freedom as with the 10x10cm format.

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