Series novelty 2024: TRIO

Patchwork that always finds itself anew.

Like a wonderfully lively patchwork, TRIO combines different surfaces to create an ever-changing, harmonious picture. Anything is possible; depending on the combination, you can plan simple, minimalist rooms or striking eye-catchers. This is the DNA of TRIO. With the series, AGROB BUCHTAL combines three trendsetters of current interior design in a finely coordinated design kit.

Nature, craftsmanship and color form a creative triad, especially for the implementation of high-quality mixed-use living concepts and, in their simplicity, meet the zeitgeist of modern living. Thanks to a wide, functional range of formats, the collection is so versatile that it can be used on all surfaces and for all uses in modern interior design and can also be used outdoors.

The TRIO triad focuses on the floor in a natural cement stone look: clay, natural stone and cement are fluidly layered on top of each other and broken up by colored stones. In combination with the relief, matt surface, the result is a balanced, natural look that gives real life its stage in restrained tones.

Formats of up to 60 x 120 cm are available for the basic tiles, as well as stair tiles, patio tiles and a mosaic. The base tile for the wall comes in a light, stone-matt 'Silk White' with small and large terrazzo stones that contrast subtly with the surface color. The wall decoration can be combined with all floor colors and forms a design link to the decorative terrazzo tile as another protagonist in the TRIO / TRIO series.

Space for terrazzo
It's nice to see that good craftsmanship still exists. Like terrazzo. Its timeless elegance can still be found today in Art Nouveau villas, preferably in the entrance area, bathroom or kitchen, loggia or conservatory. The terrazzo ensemble from the TRIO series mixes up the simple cement stone look of the basic tiles with lively contrasts or blends in with the colors. The variety of shapes and colors of the small stones creates the striking surface in the characteristic terrazzo colors 'Red', 'Black' and 'Ivory'. The matching wall tile in 30 x 60 or 30 x 90 cm adapts the terrazzo look in a delicate, light 'Beige Mix' variant, which looks great in patchwork with all floor colors.

Colors as striking eye-catchers
In a triad with the cement stone and terrazzo look of the TRIO series, the glaze colors in the small 15 x 15 cm square format form a powerful chord. The color palette consists of a clear white and three expressive, slightly tinted mixed colors with an elegant luminosity that sets warm, cozy accents, especially in modern, open-plan rooms.

The two decor variants - COLOR with a velvety matt plain glaze and LINES, with a high-gloss glaze and visually and tactilely perceptible grooved relief - can be laid together or separately and, thanks to their material thickness of 6 mm, side by side with all other wall tiles in the series, and can be used to cover both small and large areas.

The result is greater than the sum of its parts
With TRIO, AGROB BUCHTAL presents a modular design system whose patchwork-like flexibility offers maximum scope for the renovation and redesign of open-plan living and working environments, as well as for hotel, restaurant and retail design. Thanks to its outstanding anti-slip properties and the wide range of formats, different areas of use can be equipped with just one series and extended to outdoor areas.

The antibacterial Hytect® surface finish neutralizes airborne pollutants and contributes to a healthy indoor climate. With a slim 9 mm material thickness, the floor tiles in the collection and the wall tiles with a thickness of just 6 mm meet the highest standards of sustainable construction. And not to forget: Centuries of tradition, robustness, durability and naturalness make ceramic one of the most sustainable building materials of all.

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Cement stone, terrazzo and glazes form the creative triad of the TRIO series. Thanks to a well thought-out range of formats, the collection can cover all surfaces and uses of modern mixed-use concepts from inside to outside.

A powerful chord in the triad of TRIO are the color glazes in 15 x 15 cm and 4 shades: a clear white and three slightly tinted mixed colors with elegant luminosity, which provide warm, cosy accents especially in modern, open-plan rooms.

TRIO is a finely coordinated modular design system for private and public designs. The basic mood always remains reduced, architectural and timeless - typically AGROB BUCHTAL.

Wonderfully relaxed bistro atmosphere with TRIO. Here with the floor tile in cement stone look 60x60 in "mud grey". The counter is lined in the decor Lines 15x15 in the color "platinum".

The color decor of the TRIO triad is available in two variants: COLOR with velvety matt plain glaze and LINES, high-gloss and with visually and haptically perceptible groove relief. Can be laid together or separately on small or large areas.

Terrazzo and cement stone look good side by side in all variants. For the base tiles in cement look, formats of 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and 60 x 120 cm are available, for the terrazzo floor tiles a classic 60 x 60 cm square.

TRIO makes the classic terrazzo available as a 9 mm thin floor tile and 6 mm wall tile for modern requirements. The terrazzo design mixes up the simple cement stone look of the basic tiles with lively contrasts or blends in with the color.

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