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Solid Rock: the power of nature for floors and walls

Rocky landscapes, ice-cold mountain lakes and unspoilt nature - terms that bring to mind the Swiss Alps as well as long hikes and which have inspired Agrob Buchtal to create a new ceramic tile series. Solid Rock expressively brings the nature of Graubünden to walls and floors and shows how tiles can be used to visually merge indoor and outdoor areas. Coupled with variability, finesse and balanced functionality, Solid Rock leaves plenty of room for stringent design solutions in hotels and restaurants, but also in private areas.

One handwriting for different interior concepts
Solid Rock transfers the natural pattern of Vals granite and its strikingly robust appearance into a versatile ceramic wall and floor tile series. A delicate relief and the discreet mica effect support the lively structure of the tiles. The originality of the series is particularly evident in the large format of 60 x 120 centimetres, which is preferably used on large wall or floor surfaces. Varying design solutions are always created anew when the classic formats of 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 centimetres or the colour range of precisely graduated shades of grey (Silver, Mud Grey, Natural Grey, Deep Grey) come into play in addition.

With the Move decorative tile, the manufacturer offers a stone look which can literally be haptically perceived on the wall. Intended for laying in the so-called wall bond, the individual strip tiles are glued onto a glass fibre net already at the factory and prefabricated into sheets of 15 x 60 centimetres. The irregular arrangement of the strip tiles has a particularly natural effect and is suitable, for example, for an effective wall design in a hotel foyer or also in a private living room.

Connecting inside and outside
In summer, we spend a lot of time on the terrace or in the garden, windows and doors are opened, and also in winter, we want to have an unobstructed view outside. The interior and exterior are therefore increasingly merging in architecture - the interior space is extended to the outside and the exterior space is visually brought inside. Solid Rock takes this development into account by eliminating boundaries with corresponding patio tiles in the formats of 60 x 60 and 60 x 120 centimetres formats that break down boundaries and create harmonious transitions to the outdoor area. The patio tiles are frost-proof and have R11/B slip resistance.

Setting accents, integrating stairs
The new Solid Rock collection is rounded off by a 5 x 5 centimetre mosaic variant as well as specially manufactured, slip-resistant stair tiles. The fine look of the mosaic tiles allows the accentuation of clearly defined areas, such as walls or, thanks to slip resistance R10/A+B, also floors of threshold-free showers. Staircases, an important design element in architecture, are harmoniously integrated into the overall interior concept with the stair tiles matched to the series.

The entire Solid Rock tile collection is provided with the special Protecta surface upgrading and thus resistant to dirt and stains.

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Inspired by the landscape of Graubünden and the granite of Vals, Solid Rock connects the inside with the outside.





The new Solid Rock series attracts attention.

Inspired by the swiss landscape of Graubünden and the granite of Vals

Design freedom through format diversity: the large format unfolds its effect on the wall

Here, the Move decorative tile accentuates the area behind the washbasin.

The new Solid Rock tile series can also be used throughout outdoors thanks to corresponding terrace tiles.

When interior and exterior are to merge, the right floor is the solution.

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