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System Surf: Intelligent interior design for sanitary areas and bathrooms

Interior design is based on the skilful dialogue of the materials used and the harmonious combination of individual components within a conclusive overall concept. This also and especially applies to sanitary areas and bathrooms in which diverse components are to be found: fittings, washbasins, bathtubs, shower tubs, mirrors, accessories, wall and floor coverings, lighting, windows, doors, radiators, electrical wall outlets, light switches, furniture... Without a “master plan”, it may happen that every single part in itself seems to be the right choice, but is not really convincing within the overall concept. A proven method for avoiding this crux is the use of components matched to each other, which at the same time offer individual scope for choosing the variation corresponding to the personal taste.

A current example for this is the system “Surf by Gerloff“, which is marketed by Agrob Buchtal. It comprises ceramic washbasins and a ceramic shower floor system. In combination with wall and floor tiles of Agrob Buchtal, these components permit conclusive overall concepts.

An extraordinary washbasin
The monolithic washbasin is available in the two sizes medium (45 x 80 centimetres) and large (55 x 120 centimetres). It is an impressive example for masterly workmanship, which has been realized with innovative technique of the bathroom system specialist Gerloff & Söhne and high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles of Agrob Buchtal. In a special process, the porcelain stoneware tiles (diverse series with different looks and styles can be chosen) are assembled to create a straight-lined, plain washbasin, which is fascinating thanks to the puristic use of forms and jointless individual surfaces. In this way, the washbasin and the wall tiles from the extensive range of Agrob Buchtal become a visual ensemble and offer varied combination possibilities: contrasting with a clarity full of suspense, corresponding with differentiated shades or tone-in-tone - a variant at which the washbasin virtually acts as three-dimensional sculptural continuation of the wall tiles. No matter which variant one chooses: the result always is an interior design statement of a special kind. Despite this multitude of advantages and the noble design, the whole thing is affordable: the costs are comparable with those of high-quality conventional washbasins, which - in contrast to Surf - however are not individually manufactured, but “only“ in series.
The technique is also sophisticated: the washbasin is supplied ready for installation together with wall holder as well as matching discharge. Speaking of discharge: for this, the so-called capillary effect is used. The basin has a slight slope. Thanks to that, the water is channeled in a horizontal groove milled into the surface and then drains off towards the discharge.

An amazing shower floor
The shower floor also uses this innovative drainage principle. It has the dimensions of 60 x 120 centimetres, so that even generous showers can be realized jointlessly or with only a few joints. Just as in the case of the washbasin, one can choose from among various series here as well, so that both components can be perfectly matched to one another. The shower floor system is available with two discharge versions:

  • Basic stands for a round opening with classic metal cover,
  • Slot for a square opening with exclusive ceramic cover.

The latter is made of the same material as the shower floor and thus visually hardly perceptible. The result is pure elegance, which attracts the amazed and admiring glances of experts with an eye for the detail, as the discharge disappears almost invisibly. Both solutions have the following in common: they are easy to clean, low-cost as well as rapid and simple to install, and the drainage technique (syphon with rigid foam block inclusive of sealing material and cover) is already integrated in the tile ready for laying.

An additional advantage in daily practice
Especially the series Bosco, Driftwood, Nova, Oak, Savona, Streetlife and Twin are predestined for the system Surf, because these collections are provided with the HT (“Hydrophilic Tiles“) coating already at the factory. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours as well as air pollutants - effects which are particularly useful above all in sanitary areas and bathrooms. Thus, HT saves time and money and contributes to environmental protection thanks to the considerably reduced use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

An impressive conclusion
In combination with the floor and wall tiles of the Agrob Buchtal range, Surf washbasins and shower floors offer creative possibilities for comprehensive concepts with high design quality and functionality. The delivery is effected via the well-assorted tile specialized trade, which specifically orders the desired variants in the respective case. Thanks to an efficient workflow at Gerloff and Agrob Buchtal respectively, the period of delivery of approx. 4 to 5 weeks despite individual production is absolutely acceptable - thus a systematic solution with style, design and intrinsic value in every respect.

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Motif 1

Ceramic washbasin (right) and ceramic shower floor (left) of system "Surf by Gerloff", which is marketed by Agrob Buchtal. Both components are coordinated and, together with wall and floor tiles from Agrob Buchtal, enable individual, creative and coherent concepts.
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 2

Washbasin large (55x120 centimetres), series Savona
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 3

Washbasin large (55x120 centimetres), series Nova
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

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Masterly workmanship also in the detail: High-quality porcelain stoneware tiles of Agrob Buchtal are assembled by the bathroom system specialist Gerloff & Söhne to create extraordinary washbasins.
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 5

The washbasin and the shower floor use the principle of the capillary effect to make the water drain off towards the discharge.
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 6

Shower floor system 60x120 centimetres, series Streetlife
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 7

Shower floor system 60x120 centimetres, series Driftwood
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Motif 8

Shower floor system, variant Basic, with round opening and classic metal cover
© Agrob Buchtal GmbH

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