Porcelain stoneware series (2021 novelty) from Agrob Buchtal

Walden: Ceramic wood or wooden ceramics?

This collection from Agrob Buchtal, launched in summer 2021, has a clear mission: classic and lifelike wood design made of high-quality ceramics (porcelain stoneware), thus combining the best of both worlds. This intention is realized without any fear of contact through the consistent orientation towards the "mother of all woods": the oak is the characteristic symbol of this material and is to be found in various colour variations. This diversity is picked up by five colours in the typical board format of 20 x 120 cm and the representative dimensions of 40 x 120 cm for outdoor applications. Together with appropriate usage properties, this opens up attractive possibilities for indoors and outdoors in private and public areas.

Different, yet related
Wood and ceramics are distinct in character, but also have general similarities: both materials consist of natural components, they are among the few types of coverings which are equally suitable for floors and walls, and they are surprisingly changeable in style. Wood does not have to be synonymous with dull rusticity and ceramics with puristic minimalism. Depending on the furnishings, accessories and architectural context, the complete spectrum from harmonious to highly contrasting concepts can be realized - including countless intermediate levels which have one thing in common: casual and self-evident homeliness that can be individually dosed, whether rustic-powerful, balanced-neutral or refreshingly-hip, for example, by the combination with hypermodern elements.

Small but fine portfolio
Nature served as a model for the colour spectrum, and the names of the five shades speak for themselves: sunny white, relax beige, classic oak, brown cherry and smokey brown already onomatopoeically reflect the respective look from light to dark. The link between the colours is the typical appearance of the oak with its grain, annual rings, knotholes and grooves. To emphasize this effect, we deliberately did not experiment with fancy formats, but chose the classic and proven board format of 20 x 120 cm. Personal preferences can then be creatively implemented by the direction (lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally at any angle) and type of laying, for example in third, quarter, mixed bond or XXL herringbone patterns. The visually seamless connection of indoor and outdoor areas is made possible by solid two-centimetre-thick patio tiles, which are available in all five colours of the series in 40 x 120 cm (double width for the same length). The range is rounded off by a 6 x 60 cm skirting. Warping, soiling or swelling due to damp cleaning cloths wiping along are therefore not an issue...

Not for everyone, but still popular
Who is the new Walden series designed and made for? Quite simply: for people who want to combine the look of wood with the numerous advantages of ceramics (such as, for example, its excellent suitability for comfortable underfloor heating) to create a feel-good ambience which is stable in value, sustainable, attractive and easy to maintain.

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Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 1

The colour relax beige lives up to its name: it creates a relaxed and neutral atmosphere in which furniture or goods are shown to their best advantage, as can be seen here in this bicycle shop. Thanks to slip resistance R10/B and the robustness of porcelain stoneware, it can also be used in such public areas.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 2

Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 3

Classic oak is a traditional colour, which, however, in combination with contemporary furnishings conveys an almost luxurious, sophisticated impression. Indoors and outdoors can be seamlessly combined thanks to patio tiles with slip resistance R11/B, thus ensuring not only an elegant look but also safe walking at any weather. With 40 x 120 cm, the patio tiles are twice as wide but have the same length as the "indoor format" and thus are conclusively coordinated.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 4

Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 5

Walden is also perfectly suitable for bathrooms and sanitary areas. The shade sunny white shown here also demonstrates the variability and versatility of the series: the tone-in-tone room conveys a harmonious, airy, light and modern impression.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 6

The same room becomes more "earthy" with the contrasting floor in smokey brown, but retains its elegant look and transparency. Walden combines the look of wood with the advantages of ceramics, for example its suitability for underfloor heating systems or its insensitivity to moisture and wetness.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 7